Bluetooth Alarm

Xunqun has successfully been selling standard Bluetooth alarms, even though their products are not that outstanding from their competitors’. OC got the challenge to make an alarm based on the same inner components, but with a totally different, attractive look.

Since the target group is Chinese drivers; especially taxi drivers (mainly male), we went for a powerful sturdy shape, in masculine colors. We designed a silicone sleeve around the product which does not only give it a comfortable look & feel, but it also allows change of looks for a very small investment: replacing the silicon sleeve with another design will be less than a 10th of the cost that it would be to design and produce a new shape for the body itself. Last but not least we added a clip, so that it’s easier to position the alarm within reach when driving.
How the alarm works: The device is paired with the smart phone of the user. When the user is in danger, he can press the button and his phone will automatically place a predefined number and send out his current location. If he presses again his phone will make a photo, and a third press initiates recording.

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