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Prototyping and Manufacturing


Feasibility study

  • Benchmarking
  • Tooling & Unit price indication
  • Regulatory restrictions
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Circular Design options


  • Component Sourcing
  • Engineering
  • Electronics Design
  • Functional Prototyping
  • Testing


  • Tooling & Assembly
  • Responsible Materials
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Certification
  • Mass production

Our Work

We build and produce consumer products related to the energy transition, robotics, healthtech, home use and the circular economy.

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About us

A4M group is a Prototyping and Manufacturing company
We help entrepreneurs to realize and scale their innovations

  • By partnerships with Prototype Makers and Manufacturers.
  • By our in-house team in Engineering, Industrial Design and Supply Chain.
  • By proactive thinking and doing.
  • Founded by Boukje Koch and Mariet Schreurs, alumni of Delft University of Technology.
  • Highly experienced team for bringing an innovation from concept to production.
  • Passion for Sustainability.

Our Clients

Clients we’ve helped and partnered with since 2007


Awards won by our clients and team

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We have a soft spot for prototyping and manufacturing products with a purpose. Does your project relate to any of the topics below ? Or you wish it did in the future? Please do let us know!

  • Planet – Agritech, Energy Transition, Clean Drinking Water, Clean Air, Biodiversity etc
  • People – Health Tech, Dignified Aging, Inclusive Design, Prosthetics etc
  • Sustainability – Circular Design, Design for Repair, Recycled & Biobased materials etc

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What we can do for you

Engineering, Prototyping and Manufacturing

Are you an entrepreneur or start-up company?

Do you have a ground-breaking idea – a product that could change the world. Or perhaps your idea is simple, but you want it to be executed perfectly. Regardless of your idea, you benefit from our expert guidance.

A4M group dedicates a diverse team to realize your idea. Our engineer, designer, and production account manager work side by side. We share an agile mindset and deliver cost feasibility, quality control, safety testing, and everything else related to prototyping and manufacturing.

We want you to succeed!
We love to realize your concept!

Are you a design company?

If you design your own products, but lack in engineering and manufacturing knowhow and resources, then A4M group will take your design all the way through engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

With A4M group onboard you ensure your designs become reality.

We love to realize your concept!

Are you a consumer brand?

Do you need new items for your sales channels, a partner who can realize your custom designs, or translate your product to biobased or recycled materials? A4M group will deliver and take your sales to the next level.

A4M group helps you save on cost and time. We enjoy taking on product ideas that are too complicated for other manufacturers – we won’t stop until we finish your product exactly how you want it.

We want to see your sales channels grow!
We want to see your production succeed!

Are you a manufacturer?

Do you wish to outsource a part of your production? A4M group has an extensive and reliable network of manufacturers. We can help to increase your capacity or cut the unit cost of your product.

We’ve set up a wide network of certified manufacturers who specialize in a variety of production processes:


  • Injection molding. Over-molding. In mold labelling.
  • Blow molding
  • Electronics & Assembly
  • Biobased and Recycled materials
  • Complex paper and packaging solutions
  • Aluminum extrusion. Metal CNC milling. Metal frames.
We want to see your production succeed!

Are you a trader / importer ?

Managing manufacturers can take a tremendous amount of time.
A4M group offers one communication point for your supply chain, quality assurance, Product Realization, planning and shipping.

We are your eyes and ears for production, so you focus more on your own business operations.

We will ensure your production runs smoothly!

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to talk to you. Feel free to ask anything.

Our Blog

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Our Circular Design wins Red Dot!

Our Circular Design wins Red Dot!

In 2021, A4M group did research on the circularity of consumer electronics. We talked with numerous stakeholders in the chain, product designers, electronic engineers, repair shops, manual experts, product platform experts, waste management expert, and consumers....

Responsible Materials & Manufacturers

Responsible Materials & Manufacturers

In 2007, from a small building on top of a Chinese television factory, Boukje Koch started working on mirror lamps and waterproof razors. The "studio" was next to the elevator shaft. The walls had big cracks to the outdoor. With her pink cargo bike and almost...

Your Team in China

Your Team in China

Due to Covid19, many buyers and engineers that can not go to China themselves to check their productions. Let us know if you need help. We are your team in China and speak the local language. Doing business in China is different. If a businessperson conducts business...