Our Circular Design wins Red Dot!


In 2021, A4M group did research on the circularity of consumer electronics. We talked with numerous stakeholders in the chain, product designers, electronic engineers, repair shops, manual experts, product platform experts, waste management expert, and consumers. Together with Noorderwind we implemented the Circo research methodologies in our study. Additionally, we coached a group of student of the faculty Industrial Design Enngineering  of Delft University of Technology for the bachelor thesis on the topic of Circularity of Electronics. Our design studio in China, Orange Creatives, detailed the outcome into an aesthetic commercial design with focus on DIY repair.


The Circular Light was created as a showcase with consideration of the Circular Economy and Carbon Footprint. It is modular in design, easy to assemble, disassemble and repair; flat-packed for transport. The use of recycled plastics, metals and wood, gives it a sense of regeneration and symbiosis.


In 2021, video conference and vlog light’s were booming, but lacked any characteristics of a furniture object. We aimed to transform the practical gadget into a multifunctional design object.



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