Bolt | Meal plan trolley

Bolt is an advanced meal plan trolley that solves the hassle of prepping and bringing along tailored healthy nutrition, and eliminates disposable delivery packaging. The Bolt takes food delivery to the next level and provided a sustainable Food as a Service including a smart food trolley for on the go.

A4M group took care of the feasibility study, detail design, component selection, engineering, prototyping and production setup.

Technical challenges

  • Find components (heating, cooling, dispensing etc)
  • Built proof of concept and test preparation times
  • Insulate heating and cooling elements
  • Minimize power and weight for the complete system

Time line to working prototype
10 months

Design Intelligence Award 2023 (pending results)


Concept visual of the meal plan trolley

Invented by MTM group, concept visual by Queto.

Marketing dummy by A4M group

Sourcing, Engineering and Prototyping by A4M group

Working prototype by A4M group

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