Dukhoon | Aroma Diffuser for natural ingredients

The Dukhoon+ was designed to create aroma and scents using natural ingredients, based on an ancient traditional ritual. The Traditional Arabic way of creating scent by burning natural wood chips on top of charcoal inside a metallic burner. The Dukhoon technology still uses natural ingredients, but saves time, eliminates the use of charcoal, is portable and safe.

The Dukhoon+ was invented by Sadeq Qasem. A4M group took care of the design, engineering, prototyping, production and award application.

Engineering & Production Challenge

  • Custom heating element for the use of agar wood.
  • Design and test the optimal airflow.
  • Design and test the insulation around the 450°C heating chambre.

Time line to mass production
18 months

New York Design Award 2022
Good Green Design Award 2023
World Intellectual Property Organization Award 2023
Edison Award 2022 Nominee

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